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Professional Gutter Clearing Service In Brighton & Surounding Areas

This unique gutter vacuuming and survey system can clear high level gutters without the operators leaving ground level. The powerful, 3 stage, industrial triple motor vacuum makes short work of rain water, moss, soil, weeds and other unwanted debris found in gutters. It is versatile enough to access most areas and powerful enough to lift the heaviest of deposits. The modular composite poles are light and extremely strong allowing us to reach the most difficult of locations.

Brighton Window and Gutter Cleaning are professional gutter cleaners in Brighton offering a quality service to domestic and commercial customers in the area. We can efficiently carry out gutter clearance up to four stories high. Easily clear blocked gutters removing all debris like leaves, silt, moss, grass and weeds. We got over a huge amount of experience in clearing blocked and overflowing gutters. Since we started, we’ve developed additional techniques to quickly and efficiently clean out gutters, at very competitive prices.

As a local gutter clearance Company, Brighton Window and Gutter Cleaning have worked on all property types throughout the Brighton and Hove region. We have an extended knowledge on how to tackle the most demanding gutter systems.


How Blocked Gutters can affect your property!

Most of us enter and exit our properties many times each day while going about our everyday life. But how many of us bother to look up and take a closer look at our gutters. In most cases property owners are not aware of any problems until it’s too late, often when they notice the effects water ingress such as rotting timbers or even worse damp, to the inside of the property.

Roof guttering is the primary method to efficiently rout rain water from your building’s roof and carried away down drainpipes and then into the ground drainage. This system prevents water entering the internal walls of the property and causing damp issues.

If water is constantly overflowing from clogged guttering it can damage bricks, mortar and timbers causing extensive damp on the outside leading to damp and mould to the inside of the building as it is sucked in by the masonry.

If you don’t clean gutters regularly they may become blocked and begin to overflow. As well as the internal damages caused by overflowing, the gutters themselves may become damaged. This is due to the weight of debris and water build up resulting in expensive repairs.

Cleaning gutters should be part of any routine maintenance plan. Remember that a properly maintained building will also keep its value. We recommend to clear your gutters once a year, but if surrounded by trees, then twice a year, in Spring and Autumn.

We use the latest heavy duty gutter cleaning equipment to safely and effectively clear gutters. Our powerful vacuum system comprises of 3 heavy duty industrial motors.  This produces a massive suction power. When connected to our carbon fibre poles, our system can clear gutters easily with amazing results, up to four stories high. Our system allows us to work from the safety from ground without ladders or expensive scaffolding or other access equipment.

Our system allows us to reach over obstacles such as out buildings, extensions and conservatories meaning we can clean and unblock gutters in some of most difficult to access areas. To see more images visit our gallery page.

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